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Innovative products for the Graphics Art Industry from GRAFIX

Powder Sprayer Control

The Convenient and easy operations for all GRAFIX powder units. The operating status is shown clearly on all menu levels. Other features include the detailed error display, diagnosis and emergency operating function. Optional control desk integration via serial or CAN interface.

Powder Sprayer Series 3000




GRAFIX powder spraying units are highly sophisticated, high-performance conveyor systems with an even powder application

Dosing take place irrespective of the filling level of the powder container. Precise dosing is ensured by strict seperation of dosing and conveying without rotating parts and therefore wears resisting.
High-quality and durable ceramic or stainless steel nozzles.
Oillness high-power compressor provides for dry blast air.

These are available in the following four types:

  • Junior Basic
  • Digital
  • Digitronics
  • Hitronic

Combi Dryer

The new Cimbi Dryer provides ultimate flexibility in a minimum of space. Because we managed to accommodate two different types of dryers (infrared and hot air knife) in one element.

Dryer Control

G 52 and G 55 - two new top-of-the-range SPC controls by GRAFIX. Two genuine highlights as far as functionality, operational safety and operator guidance are concerned. The 52 has a text display, the 55 has a graphic display to offer.

Consumables for the Print Pressroom
Consumables for the Print Finishing Dept.


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