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Wirbelwind Spray Powder


Wirbelwind 8161
Anti-set-off powder on starch basis for paper and board.

supports the following sheet, until the surface drying process has started. Once the Powder has served it's purpose, it is absorbed by the ink film without reduction of gloss and without affecting the properties of the printing ink film. The surface is perfectly smooth. Where mineral powders are used, as it is frequently the case, a portion of the grains remains outside the ink film; the consequence: rough surfaces and the so called sandpaper effect. This can cause difficulties in further processing. Wirbelwind has none of these disadvantages.

Minimum powder application= more efficient working Smooth printed surface= No sandpaper effect. No problems during finishing (coating, calandering etc.)

Not detrimental to health!

Areas of use: In all powder spraying devices in letterpress and offset printing. For paper and board.

Consumables for the Print Pressroom
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