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PrintGuardPlus™ Jackets

Bright Ideas, Inc. manufactures all of its PrintGuardPlus™ Jackets on site, custom sized to fit your press.

We manufacture two types of Jackets:

1. PrintGuardPlus™ Cellular Jackets
PCF100S (Patented Cellular backed F100S Orange Silicone): These jackets are made for Heidelberg presses and are a direct one piece replacement for both the Heidelberg/Orange™ vinyl loop Jacket and the Super Blue Nets™. Please refer to page 5 of the Product brochure for additional information.

The cellular backing provides a compressible layer that ensures the surface of the glass beads lays perfectly flat and uniform across the cylinder. The PrintGuardPlus™ permanent Orange Silicone top coating further reduces marking and downtime.

These PCF100S jackets are manufactured to clip onto your transfer cylinder in less then ten minutes. They offer the highest quality design and technology Bright Ideas, Inc. manufactures for the Heidelberg offset printing press. They are ordered by the product code PCF100S followed by the Press model (i.e. SM102).


PrintGuardPlus™ PCF 100S SM-102R-L for newer models

Up Close Picture of SM-102 R-L



PrintGuardPlus™ PCF 100S SM-102 L-L for older models

Up Close Picture of SM-102 L-L



PrintGuardPlus™ PCF 100S SM-74

Up Close Picture of SM-74



PrintGuardPlus™ PCF100S GTO-52

Up Close Picture of Mo-26/GTO-52


2. PrintGuardPlus™ Fabric Jackets
W300S (Woven fabric with glass beads and permanent silicone topcoat): These high quality jackets are made to replace any Orange Net™ (the cheesecloth-like fabric).

W300S jackets have the same PrintGuardPlus™ technology only applied to a woven fabric. For those of you familiar with glass beaded products, you know they last a long time. More importantly, W300S will dramatically reduce your marking, and press downtime.

We sew Velcro™ along the leading and trailing edges of W300S for quick and easy application to your transfer cylinder. With our woven fabric you will save in downtime as it is easier to install than the Super Blue Nets™ and lasts longer. There is no need to wrap around the edges of the cylinder with our jackets because it is a quality woven fabric. Double sided sticky tape can be ordered in lieu of Velcro™. Jackets are ordered by product code W300S followed by the press model (i.e. TP-38A Miller, Heidelberg MO-26).

PrintGuardPlus™ W300S M0-26

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