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TECHKON is a leading innovator in the design and manufacture of measuring instruments for the graphics industry. They provide advanced densitometers, color measuring instruments and color management systems for achieving high quality control in pre-press and printing applications:

The black-and-white Densitometer T120 can measure densities (up to D=6) and dot percentages on films quickly and precisely. The RT120 additionally features a reflective function for measurement on polyester printing plates and black-and-white prints. By simply snapping the densitometer onto the optional light plate LP20 or LP40, you create an integrated measurement system that combines the power of large table systems with the ease of battery-powered portability. The T120 and RT120 Densitometers are ideal utilities for calibration of image setters and CTP-systems. 

These measurement instruments master all measurement processes known in densitometry: Density, density differential, dot spread, dot gain, print contrast and printing plate measurement to Yule-Nielsen. The R410e additionally features the measurement functions trapping, grayness and hue error. These extremely reliable and robust measurement devices can be connected via an integrated serial port to a PC or a Macintosh. High precision and ease of use make the R410 / R410e an invaluable tool for quality printing.

Easy operation, compact shape, fixed measurement head and high measurement speed are also the special characteristics of the Spectrophotometer SP810. Connected directly to a computer, it is used for colorimetric quality control as well as for the creation of color profiles.

Colour Management Software / TestChart Reader
TECHKON supplies a comprehensive system-based solution consisting of software and measurement technology for achieving high-quality color reproduction in pre-press and print.

EXChange (WIN/ MAC) / PhotoLab (WIN)
The TECHKON PhotoLab program is meant for colorimetric analysis and control in print. Graphic representations show the color difference between rated and actual samples. You can also carry out comprehensive evaluations. With TECHKON EXChange you can transfer measurement values directly into Microsoft EXCEL. Programs for colour matching complement the software range


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