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We are the Distributor of the German Company "Eckart" Gold & Silver Metalstar Offset Printing Ink Since 2000 in India. Its vaccum packing can reduce the oxidation problem.

1kg/can, 10kg/carton

  1. "Eckart" 03 Series
    Good Printability up to speeds of 8,000 IPH
  2. "Eckart" 07 Super Gloss and Standard Series
    The Pigment of this series is half the size of normal offset pigments in the market and exhibits the following properties: Fast setting, high brilliance and gloss, exceptional coverage and transfer, applicable for all speeds such as 13,000 IPH. It can also comply with "MIPP" and "MetalFX" System.
  3. Eckart MIPP Gold & Silver Ink
    MIPP Stands for Metallic Integrated Process Printing and is the name of a process developed by ECKART for adding gold and silver to documents based on CMYK.
  4. "Eckart" Primer
    Applicable for wet-on-wet Gold and Silver Printing, no need for double hit.
  5. "Eckart" Pantone 4871 to 4877 Colours
    The abovesaid colours determined by "Pantone Inc., USA"
  6. "Eckart" Silver Ink - MFX 06 4000 & MFX 07 5000
    These Silver Inks are special for metallic printing process accompany with "MetalFX" System.


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