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MetalFX Technology
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What is MetalFX?

MetalFX Technology is a revolutionary printing process that can be used to produce up to 104 million metalic colours in one pass of a five-colouts, without the expense of multiple spot inks.

The MetalFX process metallic colour system requires only one extra ink.
The MetalFX Silver Base Ink is the first colour to be used on the press., with CMYK values then overprinted in the usual manner. The transparency of the CMYK allows the high lustre MetalFX Silver Base Ink to show through, creating a whole new spectrum of vibrant metallics.

MetalFX colours encompass the entire colour spectrum, creating 104 millions metallics.

MetalFX is integrated throughout the production process, making the technology inspiring to designers, economical for brand owners and easy for printers. Metallics are no longer a high-end luxury, they are an integral part of the print world... with MetalFX, metallics are going mainstream.

 Technical Advantage
 Save Time!
  • Produce the full MetalFX range at high-speed
  • MetalFX colours takes less time to cure than traditional metallics
  • Outstanding results mean no need for a double hit
 Save Money!
  • No need to invest in spot metallics inks for one-off jobs
  • No wasted ink: simply save the MetalFX base for your next job
  • MetalFX is a cost effective alternative to expensive foil-laminated substrates
 Improve performance!
  • MetalFX have an increased track level, meaning better trapping and less rub-off
  • The overprinted CMYK acts as a sealer, reducing the need for sealer varnish.
  • MetalFX colours can be accurately calculated and ICC profiled; colour will match every time.