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Varnishing Machine (With Feeder)

Automatic UV Spot Varnisher
  • High Strength alloy gripper bar, can be used for both thick and thin papers. Partial varnish according to the need of the product.

  • The UV lamp case has three lamps per set. When there is paper feeding, the lamps are all turned on. When the paper feeding is stopped, the lamp will be automatically adjusted back to semi on condition to ensure the lamp's life and reduce power consumption.

  • There is a conveyor belt below the lamp case, collect paper to the delivery unit.

  • With powerful air- exhausted device.
  • Cooling system ensures the paper not to be damaged after the varnish and the laminating process.

  • "PLC" system assures high stability.
  • The type-face harries which can be adjusted four sides also can make precise partial coating matching the resin plate.

  • Suitable for UV or water base varnishing.
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