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Ink Supply


barrel pump ink container ink.move
The ink.supply systems are becked by the reliable interaction of time tested system components:
vario.fill, the automatic ink level control system, conticontrol.ac and conti.stop for monitoring pneumatic pumps and tank filling stand and calcu-ink.ac for the accurate monitoring of ink consumption. The efficiency of all these systems has been increased still further by networking the control modules.


ink.lineink.line is the newly created ink supply system to the press. This system evenly distributes ink into all ink fountains. With ink.line, the press operator is no longer required to refill the ink fountains manually.


handy.fill Efficient dispensing of printing ink from cartridges. An innovative solution for simple and printer-friendly ink dispensing.


easy.fill easy.fill enables for simple dispensing from 2kg ink cartridges. As handheld device it is operated by means of compressed air and suits universally for all types of printing presses.


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