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Washing agent recycling - How to save money whilst protecting the environment

Washing agent consists of precious and expensive raw materials. This is why technotrans designed a system allowing the recycling of used washing agents from sheet-fed and web offset printing. It is not only a clean solution for the environment: it also leads to a considerable reduction in expense as it allows purchase and disposal costs due excessive solvent usage to be reduced.

Example of an automatic ecoclean.line

The complete system consists of the solvent filtering units, the waste water treatment units and the corresponding tank systems. technotrans can provide a tailor-made recycling unit according to the size of the print shop and the desired level of automation.


  • Stand-alone units for small print shops
  • Semi-automatic, automatic and "closed loop" units with connection to sheet-fed offset presses
  • Automatic units for newspaper printers with brush systems for blanket cleaning
  • Units for connection to washing systems for ink contaminated components, etc.

The conditions for using the system are easily achieved: the washing agent should have a flash point above 55C (131F), should be filterable and the operator must ensure that the washing agent is of the same type. If washing agents with a flash point above 55C (131F) are used, the system operator does not have to comply with the rather demanding regulations concerning explosion protection. Operating the technotrans systems is astonishingly simple due to the modular design and the high degree of automation. There is no need for additional staff or a specially trained workforce.

Overview of filterable washing agents


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