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Demanding objectives require innovative technology - Refinement by controlled coating preparation

v line

Based on many years of experience in coating preparation and in co-operation with many users, techno
trans has developed the alpha.v, a cost-effective coating circulator supplying coating units with dispersion and UV coatings. With this system it is irrelevant whether the coating unit is equipped with a chamber doctor blade or rollers.



The following features ensure a high level of user-friendliness and automation:
- Coating circulation
- Preliminary cleaning using residual coating water
- Cleaning of the system using warm water
- Draining the system of residual water or residual coating


The compact, electrically-driven coating circulator alpha.v is fully equipped with:
- Independent controllable and reversible electrical pumps
- Pneumatic valves
- Warm water preparation system
- Remote control with text display
- Spray bar connection
- Coating pan sensor


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