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Spray dampening systems

Spray dampening systems are an important and integral part of newspaper and semi-commercial web presses and have considerable effect on the quality of the print.

With the microspray.line technotrans once again redefined the standard for a product with superior technology and attention to detail. In conjunction with our range of dampening solution circulators a system has now been developed, that will revolutionise spray dampening technology.


Tripartite construction: spray chamber, nozzle rail and electronics chamber
microspray Spray dampening systems operate continuously. They are a key element. This makes it vital that checks and maintenance work can be carried out efficiently and easily. By separating the spray chamber, nozzle rail and electronics chamber technotrans has created the prerequisites. Thanks to its symetrical construction there are no longer left-hand and right-hand units. It could not be simpler.

Easy handling due to tripartite design
If time is of the essence, just exchange the whole nozzle rail without using any tools. The swivelling drip pan holds the nozzle rail in the spray chamber. The advantages of microspray become obvious when looking at the details such as the robust quick coupling for dampening solution supply and electronics connection. It should be mentioned that replacement can be carried out by one person alone. No further assistance is required.

rycospray rycospray.n-line dampening systems- a key to
- Improved Print Quality
- Waste Reduction
- Reduced Maintenance

Spray dampening systems
Heavy duty stainless steel construction assures both reliability as well as durability.
Self cleaning high pressure spray nozzles pulsate with only one moving part. An automatic quick-coupling device ensures easy and rapid exchange of the spray rail.

rycopsray A custom designed spray bar enclosure is supplied for each spray bar, which can be adjusted independently of the bar , so that each may be adjusted to its optimum position.

The unit is operated from a central operating station at the control station and optionally from local operating units.
The central operating station allows the operating parameters and dampening diagrams of all spray rails to be monitored and modified centrally.
A pressman working at the local operating units can influence the dampening parameters directly at the printing unit.
Overview of damepning solution additives


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