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We are pleased to inform you that we (RMA) have been appointed as a Distributor of Technotrans -AG for all its products in India. RMA and Technotrans are working on a very clear strategy :

Innovation, concentration on core activities oriented towards the need of the customer.

Technotrans is a technology and services-based company which specialises in high technology products for the manufacture of printing and optical storage media products. The core activity is liquid technology. As a systems supplier, technotrans is also a development partner for the leading printing press manufacturers. Superior technology and world-wide presence are the basis of our success. Many of our products represent the industry standard; they allow production capacity to be increased and make the printer's job easier. 

In the past few years the product range has been expanded considerably. Along with world-wide market-leading cabinet based dampening solution circulators and ink roller temperature control units, the range now includes ink supply systems for web and sheet fed offset printing, systems for coating processing, washing agent preparation units and heat recovery units for pressrooms.:-- 

The dampening solution systems. 

Spray dampening systems.

Spray dampening systems are an important and integral part of newspaper rotary presses and have considerable effect on the quality of the print. 

Centralised water cooling systems For a better press room climate. 

Temperature control systems for digital printing. 

Ink supply systems product range

Printing presses are becoming more and more rapid and efficient, leading to increased ink consumption. This is why central systems, supplying all the associated printing presses with just the right quantity of ink, are becoming more and more popular. 

Coating preparation product range

Demanding targets require innovative technology.  The coating product range offers enhancement of printed matter through controlled coating preparation and sophisticated application systems. 

Ecological printing product range

Washing agent is expensive. This is why Technotrans have designed a system allowing to recycle it. A clean solution not only for the environment: it also leads to a considerable reduction in costs. There is no need to buy what you have saved. 

Automatic ink supply for sheet fed offset printing. The printer can reduce set-up time and saves ink. 

The Service

Technotrans units regulate and control critical printing processes. We offer security, whether via internet, international hotline or via the non-bureaucratic use of qualified technicians world-wide. We support the user, from installation to maintenance and the considered use of spare parts and service personnel. Thanks to tailor-made logistical solutions and the co's world-wide presence, such faults as may arise can be dealt with quickly and cost-effectively. 

Technotrans: Leading technology and innovative solutions which have been proven at thousands of customer sites world-wide. 

In case you require any detailed information or any technical guidance we would be pleased to provide the same.


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